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Why dating a BBW is not equivalent with dating a big boobs lady?

Dating Big and Beautiful lady might be similar when it comes to dating a big boobs girl. In both cases huge tits are the main key here, however, they are slightly different from each other. Some people are saying that dating BBW is same as dating big boobs lady because chest sizes are same and the only difference is body shape. It’s not true, and we think that dating with a chubby girl has nothing to do with hanging out with slim but big breasted girl.

Why dating BBW is not equivalent with dating big boobs lady?

Let’s talk about boobs itself at first. BBWs have huge breasts but it’s mostly caused by their extra weight and fat level inside their bodies. Huge tits are rather nothing more than extra fat and calories packed under the skin. Skinny girls who have big boobs are obviously opposite. Their boobs are natural but rather huge because of genes or silicone inside. However, both type of breasts doesn’t matter if it’s BBW or not are soft, comfy and works great as a pillow.

2.Body shape
BBWs body shapes are rather chubby and fat, with lots of curves and extra kilograms visible while girls with huge boobs are rather skinny or normal weight and breasts are the only parts which are huge.

Big boobs girls are having rather a normal lifestyle, as long as their breasts sizes can handle everyday routine. They have normal jobs, friends and social life too. Some of them go to the gym on a regular basis and try to eat healthily. When it comes to BBWs, their lifestyle is rather different with lots of struggles within everyday life. Because of their sizes, it’s not that easy to get a proper job and most of social life is going through the internet. When it comes to healthy and fit habits, most of BBWs don’t pay much attention on this, because they try to feel comfortable in own skins without changing a thing.

Sex with BBWs might be a bit challenging because of body shapes and extra kilograms. They are not that flexible and can’t try different sex positions, especially those dynamic ones. They prefer a classic style like missionary position or doggy style and it’s quite hard to reach their G-spot because of fat hips. Having fun times in bed with big boobs lady is way much different. Not only she can try different poses but also please you well with her breasts. Most of huge tits girls are wild animals in bed and are not afraid to try something new.

5.Health Issues
Some things are in common here since most of BBWs and big boobs girls are having health problems, however, those issues are different. While BBWs are having overall bodies obesity, eating disease and health problems, big boobs girls are mostly attacked by chronic spine pains because of the weight of their breasts. When some BBWs might consider getting the smaller stomach for less eating, big breasted girls are thinking about boobs reduction.

Dating BBWs is not equivalent with dating big boobs lady, however, there are some similarities. Despite needs you need to think deeply who to date, since one of another do not work as a substitute.